My name is Steve, founder and chief writer here at

Ever since I could walk, I could run – running has been an innate passion my entire life.

In high school I was an All American. In college, I ran for a Division 1 program in Rhode Island.

I now live near Boston with my wife and dog. I’m still actively coaching, training and competing in road races. My most recent notable achievement was completing the Boston Marathon in 2014.

I started Coach XC because I feel there is total lack of reliable information for coaches of cross country teams and distance runners. A website that is a consistent source of actionable information, covering a variety of the most important topics to coaches and their runners.

I’ve been around the sport of running for a long time, over half my life in fact. In that time, I’ve experienced dozens of coaches, and hundreds of athletes all with unique personalities, strengths and weaknesses. Experiencing the world of running from both the competitive athlete and the coaching angle allows me a unique perspective to write extremely informed articles, that deal with real world scenarios, not the latest fads of the month.

The Coach XC Mission

Serve the online community of coaches and runners by providing relevant, and inspired content that covers topics valuable to the sport of cross country running.


Help cross country coaches achieve success, build sustainable programs, and nurture talent to the highest competitive level. is dedicated to the passionate coaches of cross country and distance runners. The site’s goal is to inspire, inform and connect you with a community of coaches experiencing similar challenges and successes.

The site strives to give you easy access to key resources such as proven training programs for cross country, indoor track and outdoor track seasons. Plus offering advice on dealing with some of the challenges of coaching high school aged runners, with tactics, techniques, tools and tips for maximizing motivation, dealing with setbacks, and keeping it all in perspective as we attempt to build the next generation of standout distance runners.

Have questions, or would you like to see an article on a particular topic? Please email me directly and I will respond immediately.

Thanks for visiting the site, and I look forward to seeing you out there!

Steve, Founder,

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